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We provide a full range of crew management solutions to optimize your crew costs without compromising on quality. Danica is under Danish management and led by a leadership team with over 100 years combined experience in the shipping industry.

Danica provides more than 1400 seafarers to first class shipping companies around the world and we are well-experienced in the specific requirements for most ship types. An office team of more than 35 members is  at your service in a modern organization ensures that we deliver high quality crewing solutions in an efficient and economical way.

Danica delivers personalized service that goes above and beyond what clients have come to expect. We call it Danica Hands On. Our crew management solutions are individually designed to fit your specific needs. You can choose a full service package or cherry pick from our individual services, like crew logistics, payroll or competence management etc.

For those who select our full crew management, we provide a diverse nationality portfolio based on your requirements. Danica Hands On also means ensuring all crew are screened and selected in accordance with our stringent procedures and following up on crew performance at any time.

We offer full crew management on a cost plus fee basis or for a fixed yearly lump sum. The lump sum is an all-in fee which includes all our services plus all wages, travel expenses and any other expenses related to crew changes.  The lump sum is fixed for the budget year and is paid in twelve monthly installments. The contracts are typically based on the standard BIMCO Crewman A or B. This combined with our individualized service makes for an outstanding offer.

If you are interested to learn more about Danica’s Hands On Crew Management then please contact Capt. Henrik Jensen, jensen@danica-maritime.com, , Telephone + 49 40 210 919 032