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Define what it takes to be successful on board your vessels

All shipping company managers have job descriptions in place for the crews serving on their vessels, and most shipping companies also list the qualifications they require, as well as the required minimum number of years of experience.

Despite the fact that 80 percent of all losses at sea are caused by human error, a formal analysis is seldom made to define the broader skill requirements needed to be successful in a specific position on board a vessel. This sort of analysis is generally left out as such requirements are difficult to define.

Danica, however, has developed a tool by which, through a structured analysis of the tasks and success criteria for a position, we are able to rather precisely define what sort of skills, experience, behaviour, talent, and personality a person should possess to be successful in a particular job environment.

This formal analysis of the requirements goes hand-in-hand with our comprehensive screening tools by which we are able to map a candidate’s job capabilities and match them against the job’s requirements. This will ensure that you fill the vacancy with the best candidate. 

Our tool has raised the bar for employment to exactly the right position. You can be assured that the bar has been raised so high that you are only getting people who have the expertise to successfully cope with the challenges they meet on board. On the other hand, you are also ensured that the bar has not been raised so high that your crewing costs will be increased by having to pay higher salaries for a crew which has skills and experience in excess of your actual needs.

If you would like to learn more, please contact Captain Henrik Jensen by e-mail at: jensen@danica-maritime.com or by phone: +49 40 21 09 190 32.