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Danica Crewing - Crew management

We are more than a crewing agency

Naturally, our main services are recruitment of highly competent seafarers, functioning as our clients’ local representative, and ensuring that all seafarers depart as smoothly as a Swiss clock. However, in addition, we offer our expertise to you through a wide range of supporting services enhancing the crewing of your vessels, supporting the management, and reducing your crewing risks, as well as improving your cost efficiency.

Our supporting services range from assisting you in defining the competences and experience level required to be successful in a particular position on board your vessels, reducing your travel costs by efficient travel management, taking care of all payroll matters, and arranging for your crew’s insurance coverage and handling of all claims by crew members. 

Our focus is to use our expertise in the precise manner that our clients require by customizing the services to fit your specific needs. You can benefit from any of our individual services, or we can provide you with a full service package by which we handle the entire crew management of your vessels.