Danica Crewing Services

Benefit from the joined forces of the leading crewing agencies in the Philippines and Eastern Europe

In cooperation with our partner, Scanmar, in the Philippines, Danica offers you a full range of high quality crewing services, ensuring your cost efficiency and a single access point to the world’s largest crewing hubs.

Cost efficiency
The combination of an Eastern European and Filipino crew is a well-proven and successful way to ensure cost efficiency without compromising the necessity of having competent seafarers on board. The two nationalities are a great mix.

Availability of highly competent seafarers
The Philippines is the largest seafarer nation in the world, and Ukraine is the second largest provider in the world of officers for vessels employed in international trade, followed by Russia which is the third largest provider of officers. 

A single point of contact
Scanmar and Danica cooperate closely and coordinate in the planning of the crew for your vessels. You have a single point of contact in both the European or Asian time zones, as you prefer.

All seafarers introduced to our clients are carefully screened to ensure that they meet the job requirements and perform successfully on board. Our rigid screening will be a significant contribution in the reduction of your crewing risks.


Scanmar was established in 1982. Scanmar is a committed service-oriented crewing specialist which offers the highest level of expertise in providing hardworking and competent Filipino seafarers to the international shipping industry. It has become one of the largest crewing agents in the Philippines with over 3,500 crew members provided and on board, and still growing. Connect to Scanmar’s homepage by clicking here.