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Corporate identity

Many maritime employers overlook the value of having a clear company profile on board. 

We can support you in enhancing the crews’ perception of your company’s profile and image and thereby create company spirit, loyalty and improved retention, and assist in putting a focus on improvement in compliance with procedures, etc. 

Our services include drawing up a strategic plan for your internal company profile, taking into account what is important to you when it comes to what the crew has to do to reach your objectives. 

Producing a company newsletter is always easy for the first three or four issues, but then it becomes more difficult to keep the content relevant and interesting. You should use your newsletters as part of your image-creating strategy, and we can help you to draft a long-term plan for their content. Moreover, we can produce such newsletters and image brochures for you (in electronic form or as a hard copy), and offer to electronically distribute them.

If you would like to learn more, please contact Captain Henrik Jensen by e-mail at: jensen@danica-maritime.com or by phone: +49 40 21 09 190 32.